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Digital Academy, the Kazakhstan company created in partnership with Finnish Business Hub, Estonian experts in the sphere of cyber security and Finnish experts in the sphere of BIM technologies and virtual design, consisting of the highly skilled experts and having experience on implementation of projects in various branches, in particular on "Digital economy" and "Smart City"
«Digital Academy» — innovation hub on:
Literacy developing
in the sphere of innovative information technologies
Transfer of the advanced IT technologies
architecture & know-how
Providing new tools
for effective project management and interaction
Development & consultation
in the sphere of cyber security & cyber ecosystem
BIM Technologies

1. Creates full 3D-picture inside of the complex and provides full immersion into the modeled environment in scale 1:1
At the same time in BIM SPACE about 20 people can work in common
3. With the help of VR headset it is possible to work far off and to see all things that is seen present at BIM SPACE SPACE

4. Displaying of images from the camera of drones on BIM SPACE walls. Participants of the project can keep track, for example, of the construction status of the facility, which is currently in another place
5. Owing to BIM SPACE you will be able to make decisions quickly, optimize working processes, cut maintenance costs, create common vision of the project for customer and contractors.
Author's course training on information modeling constructions and virtual design and construction for experts in the sphere of design, design and construction (BIM & VDC)

This course promotes:
Professional development and literacy in the sphere of innovative information technologies
Formation of the correct idea of BIM and VDC technologies, their main opportunities and advantages
Granting new tools for effective project management and interaction
Understanding that it is necessary for successful introduction of BIM
Transfer of the advanced Finnish technologies and know-how
Maintenance of the BIM & VDC training course
Virtual Design and Construction: BIM, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, VDC, "capture" data, VR/AR, project member roles and common using of 3D space.
Use of BIM models, the "capture" data and the scanned data
The review of the software and computer equipment in the BIM sphere
Cybersecurity courses
1. Cyber security bases for users

Target audience: all users of computer networks

Course description: the course gives an introduction to general cyber security, support the user in recognizing common threats terminology and defensive techniques

Coverage: 10 and 20 hours, till 20 people

2. Cyber Security for Managers

Target audience: senior leadership and managers

Course description: the course will introduce the importance of cyber security for the organization and provide an overview of the current threat landscapeх

Coverage: 10 and 20 hours, till 12 people

3. Building a resilient cyber system

Target audience: IT professionals and cyber security specialists

Course description: The course will introduce guidelines, principles, best practices and tricks to build a strong and effective cyber security system and to improved cyber security culture in the organization

Coverage: 10, 20 and 40 hours, till 12 people

Audit and consulting in the sphere of cyber security
Protection of critical information infrastructure
Consultation of the organizations responsible for protection of the key information infrastructure
Consultation of management in the sphere of information security
Support and advise clients to implement and improve information security management system in their organization based on standards ISO/IEC 27001 or CIS

Expert support and advice to clients and their experts in their areas of responsibility

Technical services in the sphere of cyber security
Phishing testing of the organization
knowledge assessment, check of users of computers and e-mail on phishing penetration
Investigation from open sources
the analysis collected from open sources for penetration preparation into the organization with further testing
Test of network for invasion
tests of invasion into external and internal networks of the Organization for obtaining the closed data
Information security audit
audit of systems on compliance to standards of cyber security, on the basis of the CIS or ISO/IEC 27001 standards
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Office: Astana, Dostyk st. 20, BC «Saint-Petersburg», office 1602

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